(a)    The order of business at meetings of Council shall be as follows:
      (1)    Call the meeting to order.
      (2)    Pledge of Allegiance.
      (3)    Roll call to determine presence of a quorum.
      (4)    Action on the Journal of the preceding meeting of Council. If no objection is made to the Journal, the same shall be approved.
      (5)    Reports of department heads.
      (6)    Reports and correspondence presented by the Mayor.
      (7)    Reports of standing committees.
      (8)    Reports of special committees.
      (9)    Official reports
         - Law Director
         - Mayor
         - President of Council
      (10)    Items of new business to be added to the agenda.
      (11)    Opening of the meeting to public discussions. Any person wishing to address Council during this period shall rise, obtain the recognition of the Chairman, state his name and address, and address his remarks to the Chair. Any person so recognized shall be limited to three minutes, unless additional time is granted by the Chairman. No person shall be permitted to speak more than once on the same subject until all other persons wishing to speak on that subject have been recognized. Any person not properly recognized, or any person not directing his remarks to the Chair, shall be ruled out of order.
      (12)    Call of the members in order that each may present petitions, or communications, or offer original motions, orders, ordinances or resolutions. There shall be no interruption of business under this call. Matters not filed with the Clerk pursuant to Section 115.02(c) may be discussed or acted upon at the meeting at which they are presented, provided that no objection thereto is raised by a member of Council. In the event of such objection, a majority of Council shall decide whether such discussion or action shall be permitted at such meeting, or whether such discussion or action shall be held over until the next meeting.
      (13)    Reading of items of new business added to agenda.
      (14)    First reading of ordinances and resolutions.
      (15)    Second reading of ordinances and resolutions.
      (16)    Third reading of ordinances and resolutions.
   (b)    Upon motion of any Councilman the order of business at any meeting may be altered by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present.
(Ord. 52-1983. Passed 11-29-83.)