If the office of Mayor becomes vacant then, except as provided hereinafter, the President of Council shall forthwith become Mayor for the unexpired term or if the President of Council declines to serve as Mayor, Council shall then elect by majority vote one of its members as Mayor for the unexpired term. If, however, the office of Mayor becomes vacant and a regular Municipal election is to be held more than one year prior to the expiration of the unexpired term and the vacancy occurs more than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to such election, then the vacancy shall be filled by a vote of the electors at such election, in the manner provided by law, and in such event the temporary Mayor shall serve until such time as the Board of Elections certifies the election of a candidate to fill the vacancy occupied by him. A President of Council or other member of Council who becomes temporary Mayor under this section may be a candidate to succeed himself as Mayor. The vacancy so created in Council shall be filled in the manner provided in Article IV, Section 4.08.
   If a Mayor-elect fails to qualify for office, a vacancy shall be deemed to exist and the President of Council elected at the organizational meeting following such regular Municipal election shall become temporary Mayor until an election shall be held as provided in this section.
(Amended 11-5-85)