1313.06  REVOCATION.
   The certificate of registration may be revoked at any time by the Building Commissioner for violation of this Building Code or ordinances or other laws or rules or regulations of the City, or other cause which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, justifies such action.
   Should the Building Commissioner determine that a person to whom a certificate of registration has been issued has failed to complete items of work specified in conjunction with the issuance of a conditional occupancy permit pursuant to Section 1309.04 within the time specified in such conditional occupancy permit, weather permitting, the Building Commissioner shall suspend the registration of the contractor to perform any additional construction within the City. The suspension shall remain in effect until the incomplete items on the conditional occupancy permit have been corrected or completed and a certificate of occupancy has been issued for the residential dwelling pursuant to Section 1309.02.
(Ord. 35-1988. Passed 5-24-88.)