(a)   If, in the judgment of the Building Commissioner, weather conditions then existing prevent completion of part of the work required by this Building Code, then and in such an event the Building Commissioner may issue a conditional occupancy permit for such period as he deems necessary to complete such required work for a period not to exceed ninety days therefrom, to meet the provisions of this Building Code.
   (b)    Before issuing any conditional permit, however, the owner or applicant shall sign a written waiver setting forth the work to be done and the time within which such work shall be completed, and shall agree to cause such work to be completed within the period provided for in such conditional permit. In the event such work is not completed at the time specified in such conditional permit, such premises shall be immediately vacated and the owner subject to the penalties provided in Section 1301.99.
(Ord. 618-1959. Passed 2-23-59.)