(A)    After a vehicle has been removed under authority of this chapter, it shall not be reconstructed or made operable.
   (B)   When a hearing is requested by the owner or the occupant of the public or private premises, or by the owner or occupant of the premises adjacent to the public right-of-way on which a junked vehicle is located, in accordance with the terms of this chapter, a public hearing shall be held prior to the removal of the vehicle or part thereof as a public nuisance before the City Council.
   (C)   Upon determination by the City Council that said vehicle is a public nuisance and that it should be removed, a resolution of the Council requiring the removal of the vehicle or part thereof shall be prepared and passed and shall include a description of the vehicle, and the correct identification number and license number of the vehicle, if available at the site.
   (D)   Notice shall be given to the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation within five days after the date of removal identifying the vehicle or part thereof.
(2005 Code, § 8-3-6)  (Ord. 200728A, passed 7-28-2020)