(A)   Mobile home parks may be permitted only in those zoning districts where they are designated as a conditional use under the zoning district regulations.  All mobile home parks shall conform with all provisions of KRS 219.120 through 219.250 and shall conform with all applicable provisions of the zoning code and all attached special conditions.  All mobile home parks shall be subject to the following regulations.
   (B)   In applying for a conditional use permit for a mobile home park, the applicant shall follow the procedure set forth in § 157.060 describing the application procedure for conditional uses.  The plan to be submitted to the Administrative Officer shall show at least the following information.
      (1)   Name and address of applicant.
      (2)   Name and location of mobile home park.
      (3)   Dimensions and locations of all lot lines, roads, easements, and mobile home spaces.  Each mobile home space shall be numbered.
      (4)   Contour lines to indicate slope and drainage.
      (5)   Location of all utilities:  public and private water, sewage, drainage, and electrical facilities and easements.
      (6)   Public areas such as visitors' parking, recreational areas, and the like, if those areas are proposed.
      (7)   Large-scale plan of one typical mobile home space, showing mobile home location, automobile parking area, and the like.
      (8)   Location of planting for landscaping purposes or as required for protective buffer purposes as a special condition.
   (C)   All mobile home parks shall conform with the following standards for development:
      (1)   Individual lots within a mobile home park shall not be less than 2,500 square feet in area if connected with a public sewer, or 9,000 square feet if not connected with a public sewer.  In no instance shall more than one mobile home be permitted on a single lot. The minimum lot width shall be 30 feet.
      (2)   All mobile home parks shall front on a public street for at least 100 feet.
      (3)   No mobile home or accessory building or structure shall be located closer to any street than the minimum front yard setback for permanent residential structures along the street.  Where the mobile home park is not bounded by a dedicated street, the minimum setback shall be 30 feet.
      (4)   No mobile home shall be located closer than 15 feet to another mobile home.
      (5)   No accessory building or structure, including patios, shall be located within five feet from any individual lot line.
      (6)   A road with a hard surface pavement at least 20 feet wide shall provide direct access to each mobile home lot.  The area occupied by the road shall not fulfill the part of the area requirements for any lot.  All roads shall be designed to enable mobile homes entering the park to reverse direction without having to back more than one mobile home length.
      (7)   One paved automobile parking area shall be provided on every mobile home lot, plus one parking area for every four lots in the park.
      (8)   All mobile home parks shall conform with the State Board of Health regulations which prescribe standards for water supply, sewage disposal, and other facilities.  Each mobile home park shall be adequately drained so that no mobile home lot shall be subject to the collection of storm water.
   (D)   The Planning Commission, or the Board of Zoning Adjustment, if delegated by the Planning Commission, may attach reasonable special conditions to its approval of a mobile home park and may direct the Administrative Officer to issue a conditional use permit.  The Administrative Officer shall not issue the conditional use permit until he has received written authorization from the Planning Commission or Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the applicant shall not place the mobile home until he has also obtained a valid permit from the State Department of Health as required by KRS 219.150.
   (E)   The Administrative Officer shall issue a certificate of occupancy only after he has determined that the mobile home park has been prepared according to all applicable regulations and special conditions.  The applicant must also obtain a valid permit to operate from the State Department of Health as required by KRS 219.130.
   (F)   The developer shall be permitted to develop the mobile home park in stages as long as he complies with an overall plan approved by the Planning Commission for the entire tract.  The number of mobile homes permitted in the mobile home park shall not exceed a density of 15 mobile homes per acre.  Mobile homes are not permitted on lots outside an approved mobile home park in any other district, unless specifically permitted by other provisions of the zoning code.
(Ord. 920.2, passed 12-20-71)  Penalty, see § 157.999