§ 157.999  PENALTY.
   (A)  Except as provided in division (B), any person who violates any provision of this zoning code shall be guilty of a violation and fined in accordance with § 99.18 of the Hazard Code Enforcement Board Ordinance. Each day a violation shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.
   (B)  Any person shall upon conviction be fined not less than $100 but no more than $500 for each lot or parcel which was the subject of sale or transfer or a contract for sale or transfer where such sale or transfer, or contract therefor, constitutes a violation of this zoning code.
   (C)   Violation of this chapter shall constitute a civil offense which shall be enforced according to the procedures set forth in the Hazard Code Enforcement Board Ordinance by the Code Enforcement Board, hearing officers, code enforcement officers, citation officers and other persons duly authorized to investigate and enforce the violations through investigation, inspection and issuance of citations. 
(Ord. 920.l, passed  -  - ; Am. Ord. 2018-07, passed 12-4-17)