(A)   Conditional uses may be permitted in districts as designated under the zoning district regulations but only when specifically approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment in accordance with KRS 100.237.  Planned-development projects and subdivisions, when permitted, shall be subject to the respective regulations governing their approval.  Uses not permitted within the overall district in which the Planned-Development project is located shall not be permitted in the Planned-Development project within such district.  All other conditional uses shall be subject to the following regulations.
   (B)   The following conditional uses may be approved in all zoning districts:
      (1)   Nonlocal public utility and private transmission lines and pipes.
      (2)   Radio, television, and telephone transmission structures.
      (3)   Large utility structures and public service buildings.
      (4)   Expansion of railroads and appurtenances.
      (5)   Government buildings and uses.
      (6)   Churches and libraries.
   (C)   Other conditional uses may be approved only in those zoning districts where they are designated as conditional uses under the zoning district regulations.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  ; Am. Ord. 2007-6, passed 2-5-07)
   Conditional use permits, see § 157.104