A.   Authority: The decision of the planning and zoning commission granting, granting with conditions, modifying or denying a permit application as described in subsection 2-1-9B of this chapter, may be appealed to the city council.
   B.   Standing To Initiate Appeal: Any affected person, as defined by state law, or the city administrator, may initiate an appeal of a decision rendered pursuant to jurisdiction established by subsection 2-1-9B of this chapter.
   C.   Filing Of Appeal: Any appeal shall be filed with the city clerk according to section 1-1-5.
   D.   Notice Of Appeal: Notice of an appeal shall be provided by the same means applicable to the original application.
   E.   Optional Stay Of Action: Upon the timely filing of an appeal, the city council may stall all action on the contested application until such time as the appeal is adjudicated by the city council or withdrawn.
   F.   City Council Decision On Appeal: The planning and zoning commission's guidelines and procedures herein for conducting a public meeting or hearing on the application at issue, and for rendering a written determination thereon, shall equally apply to the city council when any determination of the commission is appealed to the council. The entire record compiled before the planning and zoning commission shall be forwarded to the city council. (Ord. 559, 7-12-2016; amd. Ord. 608, 3-24-2020)