(A)   Annual inflation adjustment. In accordance with FCC regulations, the cable operator may adjust its capped base per channel rate for the basic service tier annually by the final GNP-PI index.
   (B)   Other external costs.
      (1)   The FCC regulations also allow the cable operator to increase its rate for the basic service tier automatically to reflect certain external cost factors to the extent that the increase in cost of those factors exceeds the GNP-PI. These factors include retransmission consent fees, programming costs, state and local taxes applicable to the provision of cable television service, and costs of franchise requirements. The total cost of an increase in a franchise fee may be automatically added to the base per channel rate, without regard to its relation to the GNP-PI.
      (2)   For all categories of external costs other than retransmission consent and franchise fees, the starting date for measuring changes in external costs for which the basic service per channel rate may be adjusted will be the date on which the basic service tier becomes subject to regulations or February 28, 1994, whichever occurs first. The permitted per channel charge may not be adjusted for costs of retransmission consent fees or changes in those fees incurred before October 6, 1994.
   (C)   Notification and review. The cable operator shall notify the city at least 30 days in advance of a rate increase based on automatic adjustment items. The city shall review the increase to determine whether the item or items qualify as automatic adjustments. If the city makes no objection within 30 days of receiving notice of the increase, the increase may go into effect.
(Ord. 94-14, passed 4-26-94)