§  117.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT.  Emergency pre-hospital care provided by a certified, emergency medical technician-intermediate or an emergency medical technician-paramedic using invasive medical acts under the medical supervision and control of a licensed physician.
   AMBULANCE.  Any motor vehicle used, designated, redesigned or constructed and equipped for the transportation of sick or injured persons.
   AMBULANCE SERVICE.  Any service offered whereby a motor vehicle specially equipped for such purposes is used or provided at a cost to transport one or more sick or injured persons to or from a medical facility, nursing home, or residence under circumstances which do not constitute an emergency.
   APPROPRIATE HOSPITAL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.  Depending on the type of emergency and/or the availability of specialized care, the nearest, appropriate hospital emergency department that may provide the level of care required.
   BASIC LIFE SUPPORT.  Emergency pre- hospital care provided by a certified pre-hospital care provider using noninvasive medical acts. The provision of basic life support may be under the medical supervision and control of a licensed physician.
   EMERGENCY.  Any circumstance that calls for an immediate action and in which the element of time in transporting the sick or injured for medical treatment is essential to the life or health of any person. Such circumstances include but are not limited to accidents, generally, traffic accidents, and acts of violence resulting in personal injury and sudden illness.
   EMERGENCY AMBULANCE.  Any ambulance responding to an emergency using warning lights and siren.
   EMERGENCY CALL.  Any request for an ambulance that is made by telephone or other means of communication in circumstances which are or have been represented to be an emergency requiring emergency pre-hospital care or transport to a medical facility.
   EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE.  The Emergency Medical Service of the City of Harker Heights Fire Department and/or other providers assisting the City EMS in an emergency capacity.
   EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE PERSONNEL.  An emergency care attendant, emergency medical technician-basic, emergency medical technician-special skills, or an emergency medical technician-paramedic.
   EMERGENCY PRE-HOSPITAL CARE.  Care provided to the sick or injured either on the scene or during emergency transport to a medical facility, or both.
   EMERGENCY TRANSFER.  The immediate transportation of a patient in an ambulance, as the result of injury or illness where the element of time is critical for the survival of the patient.
   TRANSFER.  The transportation of a sick, injured, or otherwise incapacitated person from place to place under other than emergency circumstances.
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