(A)   The city is located within the Brazos Region Water Planning Group, Region G. A copy of this subchapter has been provided to the Brazos Region Water Planning Group, Region G, as well as the Brazos River Authority.
   (B)   Public notification of the initiation or termination of drought response stages shall be by means of publication in the Killeen Daily Herald newspaper, the city website and public service announcements on KWTX - Channel 10. Additional notification may be given by signs posted in public places, utility bill inserts, and other means to be determined by the City Manager.
   (C)   When mandatory restrictions are enacted with the initiation of Stage 2, Stage 3 or Stage 4, the Executive Director of TCEQ will be notified, at a minimum via telephone, within five business days.
   (D)   Public education of this subchapter will be provided periodically to update the public with information about the conditions under which each Stage of this subchapter is to be initiated or terminated as well as the drought measures to be implemented in each stage. This information may be provided through utility bill inserts, public events, or other means to be determined by the City Manager.
   (E)   In the event of an imminent or actual water supply emergency due to either impairment of water supply source (including contamination) or system failure, the following emergency actions will take place:
      (1)   The public will be notified of the need to boil water, use bottled water, or use a designated alternate water source, as appropriate.
      (2)   The City Manager may seek assistance through the local and/or state emergency management system.
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