(A)   Any person who engages in the practice of massage as defined in § 120.01 shall file an application for a permit as a masseur, which shall be filed with the City Controller upon the form provided by him or her. The applicant shall pay a nonrefundable filing fee of $100 for the original application and $100 for each renewal application to the City Controller, who shall issue a receipt which shall be attached to the application that is filed.
   (B)   The application for a permit for a masseur shall contain the following items.
      (1)   Name and residence;
      (2)   Social security number;
      (3)   Written evidence that the applicant is at least 18 years of age;
      (4)   Business, occupation or employment of the applicant for 3 years immediately preceding the date of application;
      (5)   Whether the applicant has ever been convicted of, pleaded nolo contendere to, or suffered forfeiture of bond on a charge of committing any violation of the city ordinances or state statutes, except minor traffic violations;  (In the event any answer is in the affirmative, then the applicant shall state place and court in which the conviction, plea or forfeiture was had, the specific charge, and the sentence imposed as a result thereof.)
      (6)   The applicant shall further undergo a physical examination and present the written results thereof for contagious and communicable diseases, which shall include  a recognized blood test for syphilis,  a culture for gonorrhea, and a test which will demonstrate freedom from tuberculosis; and  (Each  test shall have been made by a licensed physician, and all laboratory tests shall be in laboratories approved by the city.  The applicant shall then present a certificate with the results of each examination signed by a physician licensed in the state stating that the person examined is either free from any contagious or communicable disease, or is incapable of communicating any disease to others.  Each applicant shall undergo the physical examination provided herein and present to the City Controller the certificate required herein prior to the commencement of employment and at least once each 12 months thereafter.)
      (7)   The applicant shall further meet professional skill requirements established by regulations adopted by the Board of Health.  Upon proof of satisfactory compliance with the Board of Health regulations, the applicant shall be issued a certificate by the Board of Health certifying compliance with the regulations. This certificate shall be attached to the license application.
   (C)   There shall be excepted from the provisions of this section, any person who shall be registered or licensed as a physical therapist by the state under the provisions of I.C. 25-27-1-1 et seq.  This person shall also not be required to obtain a permit as a masseur.
(Prior Code, § 120.20)  (Ord. 4210, passed 6-14-1976; Am. Ord. 8593, passed 8-24-2004) Penalty, see § 120.99