§ 120.15  EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   No license shall be required for hospitals, nursing homes, sanitoriums, or persons holding an unrevoked license to practice medicine under the laws of the state, or to persons working under the personal  direction  of  any of these persons  or  in  any of these establishments;  nor shall this chapter apply to barbers or cosmetologists lawfully carrying out their profession and holding a valid, unrevoked license or certificate of registration issued by the state; nor shall the provisions of this chapter apply to participants in any professional or amateur sports competition.
   (B)   Nor shall the provisions of this chapter apply to massage therapists who comply with the licensing requirements of §§ 121.40et seq.
(Prior Code, § 120.15)  (Ord. 4210, passed 6-14-1976; Am. Ord. 7582, passed 6-14-1993)  Penalty, see § 120.99