(A)   Any license issued for a massage establishment may be revoked or suspended by the administrative official after a hearing, for a good cause.  The administrative official shall give to the licensee at least 15 days written notice of the charges and an opportunity for a public hearing before the administrative official, at which time the licensee may present evidence bearing upon the question.  Cause for revocation or suspension shall include the violation of the provisions of this chapter or of any criminal statute of the state by the applicant, or by any employee of the licensee.  However, the violation of this chapter or any criminal law of the state shall not be a cause for revocation or suspension unless the licensee shall have had actual or constructive knowledge of the violations in the exercise of due diligence.  It shall also be cause for revocation or suspension that the applicant has made a false statement on any application for permit under this chapter, or in the event that the licensee shall refuse to permit any authorized police officer or authorized member of the Police Department, Building Department, Board of Health or the Fire Department of the city to inspect the premises or the operations thereof at reasonable times.
   (B)   When any license shall have been revoked for any cause, no license shall be granted to any person for the period 1 year thereafter for the conduct of a massage establishment in the premises described in the revoked license.
(Prior Code, § 120.12)  (Ord. 4210, passed 6-14-1976)