(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, conduct or carry on, or to permit to be engaged in, conducted or carried on, upon any premises in the city, the operation of a massage establishment as defined in § 120.01, without having first obtained a license from the City Controller, after the approval of the administrative official.
   (B)   The application for a license to operate a massage establishment shall set forth the exact nature of the massage to be administered and the proposed place and facilities thereof.
   (C)   In addition thereto, any applicant for a license, and each partner or limited partner of an applicant, if a partnership applicant, and each officer and director of a corporate applicant, and any stockholder of a corporate applicant holding more than 10% of the stock of the corporate applicant, shall furnish the following information.
      (1)   Written proof that each individual is at least 18 years of age;
      (2)   All residential addresses for the past 3 years;
      (3)   The business, occupation, or employment of each individual for the 3 years immediately preceding the date of application;
      (4)   The previous experience of the individual in massage or similar business;
      (5)   Whether the individual has had any license denied, revoked, or suspended in the city or any other state or city for a massage establishment, the reason therefor, and the business activity or occupation of the individual subsequent to the suspension, revocation or denial;
      (6)   Any conviction, forfeiture of bond, or plea of nolo contendere upon any criminal violation or city ordinance violation, except minor traffic violations, within a 5-year period; and
      (7)   If the applicant is a corporation, or a partner of any partnership is a corporation, then the name of the corporation shall be set forth exactly as shown in the articles of incorporation, together with the state of incorporation, and proof of authority to do business in this state.
   (D)   Every applicant for a license to maintain, operate or conduct a massage establishment shall file an application in duplicate, under oath, with the City Controller, and pay a nonrefundable filing fee of $100 to the City Controller, who shall issue a receipt which shall be attached to the application filed with the City Controller.  The City Controller shall, within 15 days thereafter, refer copies of the application and all additional information to the Board of Health, Fire Department, Building Department, and the administrative official.
      (1)   The city agencies shall within 45 days, inspect the premises proposed to be operated as a massage establishment, and make recommendations to the administrative official concerning compliance with the codes of the city.
      (2)   Upon receipt of the recommendations of the respective city agencies, the administrative official shall notify the applicant as to whether his or her application has been granted, denied or held for further investigation.  The period of an additional investigation shall not exceed an additional 30 days unless otherwise agreed to by the applicant.  The administrative official shall advise the applicant in writing as to whether the application has been granted or denied.  If the application is denied or held for further investigation, the administrative official shall advise the applicant in writing of the reason for the refusal.
   (E)   The failure or refusal of the applicant to promptly give any information relevant to the investigation of the application, or the refusal or failure of the applicant to appear at any reasonable time and place for examination under oath regarding the application, or the refusal of the applicant to submit or to co-operate with any inspection required by this section, shall be grounds for denial of the application.
(Prior Code, § 120.10)  (Ord. 4210, passed 6-14-1976)  Penalty, see § 120.99