(A)   No dwelling or dwelling unit shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of this chapter unless the following conditions are met.
      (1)   When the dwelling or dwelling unit is heated by a central heating system it meets the following requirements.
         (a)   The central heating unit is in good operating condition.
         (b)   Every heat duct, steam pipe and hot water pipe is free from leaks and functions so that adequate heat is delivered where intended.
         (c)   Every seal between the sections of a hot air furnace is in good repair.
      (2)   When the dwelling or dwelling unit is heated by space heaters it meets the following requirements.
         (a)   Every space heater burning solid, liquid or gaseous fuels is properly vented to a chimney or duct leading to outdoor space.
         (b)   Every coal burning space heater has a fire-resistant panel beneath it.
         (c)   Every space heater located close to a wall is equipped with sufficient insulation to prevent over- heating of the wall.
         (d)   Every space heater smoke pipe is equipped with guards made of metal or other nonflammable material at the point where the pipe goes through a wall, ceiling or partition.
      (3)   There are no portable heaters burning solids, liquids or gaseous fuels.
      (4)   Every smoke pipe and every chimney is adequately supported, reasonably clean and maintained in a condition that there will be no leakage or backing up of noxious gases.
   (B)   Every dwelling shall have supplied water-heating facilities which are properly installed, are maintained in safe and good working condition, are properly connected with the hot water lines required under the provisions of § 96.016(C), and are capable of heating water to a temperature to permit an adequate amount of water to be drawn at every required kitchen sink, lavatory basin, bathtub, or shower at a temperature of not less than 120°F.  The supplied water-heating facilities shall be capable of meeting the requirements of this section when the dwelling or dwelling unit heating facilities required under the provisions of § 96.044 are not in operation.
(Prior Code, § 96.12)  (Ord. 3337, passed 8-7-1961)  Penalty, see § 10.99