§ 94.041  FEES.
   (A)   The fees for garbage collection shall be as set forth below.
      (1)   Collection from residential building units.  The fees for collection and disposal of garbage and rubbish shall be the sum of $5 per month for each residential building unit, except where the head of the household of the family dwelling unit has submitted proof of age of 65 years or older, the head of household is and has been found to be disabled by the Social Security Administration, or that the head of the household is an unremarried widow, the sum shall be $3 per month.
      (2)   Collection from nonresidential units.  The fees shall be based on the estimated amount of garbage and rubbish collected and frequency of collection, and shall be set by the Board of Public Works and Safety.  Nothing herein shall deny the Board from requiring nonresidential units to employ private collection services.
   (B)   The fees shall be payable bi-monthly or tri- monthly as fixed by the Board, and shall, upon agreement of the Waterworks Department, be billed with the regular Waterworks Department billing.
   (C)   (1)   The user charges shall be billed to the person who is billed for water service at the residence dwelling apartment or commercial unit, unless by contract with the Board another person assumes this responsibility.
      (2)   If a tenant, occupant or other nonowner is billed, the owner shall be liable for the user charge in the event payment is not made by the tenant, occupant or other nonowner when the payment is due as herein required.
      (3)   The owner shall have the right to examine the Board’s collection records to ascertain whether the charges have been paid.
(Prior Code, § 94.31)  (Ord. 4686, passed 6-15-1981; Am. Ord. 4695, passed 7-27-1981; Am. Ord. 4770, passed 6-14-1982)