(A)   Excessive amounts of refuse from any location shall be excluded from pickup.  Excessive amounts are defined as any garbage, rubbish, or trash which is not contained in the 90 or 65 gallon container but does not include yard waste, appliances, or furniture. When documentation through the use of photographs, citations and previous history/records determines that a property owner repeatedly and consistently discards excessive amounts of refuse which creates a health or safety issue, the city can assess a penalty fee equal to the cost incurred by the city for clean-up and disposal. A property owner will not be assessed a penalty fee for cleaning their property which may result in an occasional excess of debris, i.e. in the event of cleaning a garage or basement, or when a natural disaster such as a flood creates a necessity to discard an unusual amount of debris.
   (B)   In those instances where the property owner, builder or contractor has applied for and received a building permit to perform or have performed work on the property, it shall be the determination of the Hammond Building Department as to whether the property owner shall be required to obtain private disposal services (including, but not limited to, a dumpster).  The determination shall be noted on the building permit and placard at the time of issue.
(Prior Code, § 94.26)  (Ord. 8342, passed 3-26-2001; Am. Ord. 8613, passed 10-26-2004)