(A)   All persons are prohibited from importing or contracting for the importing or transporting of any garbage, trash, cinders, debris, refuse or waste material of any description into the city for the purpose of disposal, depositing or dumping therein, except as provided for in § 94.018.
   (B)   (1)   The penalty for violation of any provisions of this section shall be a fine in an amount not to exceed $2,500.
      (2)   Each day that any person shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as a separate offense.
      (3)   In addition, any Police Department officer is hereby authorized to order the tow of any vehicle used for or engaged in any violation of a provision of this section.
(Ord. 6064, passed 7-27-1987; Am. Ord. 7810, passed 8-14-1995)
(Prior Code, § 94.14)