§ 94.016  DISPOSAL.
   (A)   All disposal of garbage and rubbish shall be by an approved method of incineration, by garbage grinding, by sanitary landfill and cover, or a combination of these methods and sites to be approved by the Superintendent of Sanitation, the Health Officer and the Board of Public Works and Safety.
   (B)   All junk and other materials placed on the disposal area are the property of the city, and no person is allowed to separate and collect, carry off or dispose of the junk or other materials except under written direction of the Board of Public Works and Safety.
   (C)   The penalty for violation of this section shall be a fine in an amount not exceeding $2,500.  Each day that any person shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punished as a separate offense.
(Prior Code, § 94.11)  (Ord.  3326,  passed 5-8-1961; Am. Ord. 4285, passed 12-13-1976; Am. Ord. 6064, passed 7-27-1987)