(A)   Any person who shall violate the provisions of this chapter shall be issued a bicycle court summons to appear before the bicycle court.  Upon conviction, the bicycle court may discipline the person in the following manner.
      (1)   The court may require the person to do any of the following:
         (a)   Write the bicycle safety rules, provided in this chapter, any number of times not to exceed 50;
         (b)   Memorize the bicycle safety rules;
         (c)   Study the bicycle ordinance and this chapter, and take an examination prescribed by the bicycle court and pass the examination to the court's satisfaction;
         (d)   Write an essay from 50 to 500 words on bicycle safety; and
         (e)   Draw a bicycle safety cartoon.
      (2)   The bicycle court may do the following.
         (a)   Suspend the person’s bicycle riding privileges for not more than 30 days; and
         (b)   Impound the person’s bicycle for not more than 30 days.
      (3)   The bicycle court may discipline the person using any combination of the penalties of this section.
   (B)   The bicycle court may further provide that the person, convicted of any offense by the bicycle court, shall do the following.
      (1)   Produce evidence that his or her bicycle is in safe operating condition before riding the bicycle again;
      (2)   The person, if a minor, shall report to his parents the reasons for the summons and the decision of the bicycle court; and
      (3)   A minor shall obey any additional punishment imposed by his or her parents, not to exceed 1 week, and bring to the bicycle court a letter from his or her parents stating that he or she has complied therewith.
   (C)   If, in the opinion of the bicycle court, the person charged with a violation of this chapter cannot be properly trained by the bicycle court, or if the person fails to obey the bicycle court summons, the court shall be empowered to do the following.
      (1)   If 16 years of age or more, the person shall be charged by affidavit in the manner provided for in the violations of other city ordinances and state laws and tried in the City Court.
      (2)   If under the age of 16 years, the person shall be referred to the Juvenile Division of the Police Department for disposition in the manner provided by the laws relating to juvenile offenders who violate other city ordinances and state laws.
(Prior Code, § 74.52)