The following shall be considered the minimum standards with which every property owner, occupier or tenant shall comply to avoid the unsightly appearance of residential, commercial, industrial, or vacant property due to neglect.
   (A)   Vegetation on lawns, alley lines and parkways shall be manicured to a height no taller than 6 inches and lawns, alley lines and parkways shall be free from excessive litter or excrement;
   (B)   Bushes, trees, shrubs and the like shall be maintained and cut so as to not grow into or obstruct any public way, including, but not limited to sidewalks, alley lines and parkways;
   (C)   Chimneys shall be maintained and tuckpointed to prevent crumbling and dilapidation;
   (D)   Gutters shall be maintained so that they are attached to the structure and remain free from weeds and debris;
   (E)   Buildings shall be maintained to prevent the unsightly appearance of chipping or peeling paint or brick or siding which is in disrepair;
   (F)   Swimming pools shall be maintained and be free from stagnant water so as to avoid insect or rodent manifestation;
   (G)   Vehicles shall not be parked in front yards except for that area which has been designated by the city's building and zoning codes as an approved driveway;
   (H)   All garbage, trash and refuse shall be properly stored and contained as required; and
   (I)   All properties shall display legible address numbers at the front and rear entrances as required by § 150.100.
(Prior Code, § 161.03) (Ord. 7661, passed 3-14-1994; Am. Ord. 9453, passed 11-18-2019; Am. Ord. 9483, passed 10-26-2020)