Any person injured by failure of any license holder to do work in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter or their contract may sue on and be indemnified from the bond required by § 1513.33. Any licensed holder who does not reside or maintain an office within the city, where he may be served with service of process shall, by virtue of accepting a license under this subchapter, have constituted and appointed the City Controller as its agent for service of process. The City Controller, upon being served with the process, shall notify the licensed holder of the service, by registered mail, to the last address on file with the Electrical Commission and by forwarding the summons to the surety company posting the required bond. Any nonresident electrical contractor who does any electrical work within the city without a license shall, by so doing, irrevocably appoint the City Controller as agent for service of process.
(Prior Code, § 151.28) (Ord. 3351, passed 11-9-1961)