(A)   In order to safeguard persons and buildings with their contents from hazards arising from the use of electricity, any person desiring to operate an electrical business in the city shall be required to pass an examination before the Electrical Commission, as to their ability and qualifications in the installation of electrical work.
   (B)   The applicant for an electrical license shall be notified, in writing, of the date of his or her examination, at least 5 days before the date. The examinations shall be held quarterly the last Thursday of each quarter.
   (C)   The Electrical Commission shall, by its rules and regulations, establish the type and nature of the examination and the method and manner of determining the result of the examination and shall, by their rules and regulations, establish the standard of results of the examination which all applicants shall meet to entitle them to a license. The fee payable for the examination shall be as provided for under § 151.16(F).
   (D)   The results of any examination conducted by the Electrical Commission shall be certified in writing to the City Controller.
(Prior Code, § 151.20) (Ord. 3351, passed 11-9-1961)