(A)   There is hereby established a Commission, which shall be known as the Electrical Commission of the city, which shall consist of 7 members appointed for 2 year terms which start from the date of passage of the ordinance codified herein. The first 6 members of the Commission are appointed by the Mayor and the next 2 members shall be appointed by the Chair of Electrical Heating and Air Conditioning Committee of the Common Council. The members are as follows.
      (1)   One journeyman electrician or one license holder;
      (2)   One lay members who are Hammond residents;
      (3)   The Building Commissioner;
      (4)   An employee of the building Department who shall serve as secretary for the Board;
      (5)   The Chief Electrical Inspector; and
      (6)   Two members appointed by the Hammond Common Council.
      (7)   All appointee shall be Hammond residents.
   (B)   The Electrical Commission shall have the following powers and duties, as described in this section, in the licensing and regulating of electrical contractors with their license holder and the issuing of home owners’ permits.
      (1)   It shall be the duty of the Commission to formulate and recommend safe and practical standards and specifications, using as a minimum the requirements of the National Electrical Code, for the installation and alteration of the electrical work designed to meet the necessities and conditions that prevail in the city, to recommend reasonable rules and regulations and to provide a penalty for any violation thereof, governing the issuance of permits by the Electrical Inspection Department, and to recommend reasonable fees to be paid for inspections made by the Electrical Inspection Department. The standards and specifications, and rules and regulations governing the issuance of permits and fees so recommended shall become effective upon the passage of an ordinance adopting them by the Common Council. All fees shall be paid to the office of the City Controller.
      (2)   The Electrical Commission shall examine all applicants for an electrical license. The Commission shall have the authority to revoke licenses or to suspend permit privileges for cause.
   (C)   Four members of the Electrical Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business. A majority vote of the members present shall be sufficient to take any action on any matter.
   (D)   Each member of the Electrical Commission if present at the meeting shall be compensated for his or her time as per Executive Order 15-32.
   (E)   Upon the appointment of the Electrical Commission, the secretary shall notify in writing all members of the Commission of a special meeting to formulate its actions in the future, which shall include the election of a member of the Commission to act as Chairperson.
   (F)   The Secretary shall call a meeting of the Electrical Commission for special cases. At any time the Commission meets to hear an appeal from an appellant, the appellant shall be charged a fee of $50, which shall be payable to the City Controller. This fee shall also apply to those applicants taking an examination to do electrical work under this chapter.
   (G)   The secretary shall keep a full and correct record of the official proceedings of the Electrical Commission, and shall also keep an up-to-date record specifying names and addresses of all licensed holders who are licensed with the city.
(Prior Code, § 151.12) (Ord. 3351, passed 11-9-1961; Am. Ord. 4328, passed 6-13-1977; Am. Ord. 4654, passed 2-23-1981; Am. Ord. 9338, passed 3-28-2016)