(A)   There is hereby created and constituted the office of Electrical Inspector which shall be called the Electrical Inspection Department.
   (B)   The Mayor shall appoint a competent person to be known as the Chief Electrical Inspector and any assistants as may be necessary to enforce this chapter. The Chief Electrical Inspector shall be a practicing electrician who is we11-versed in all types of electrical construction work with not less than 5 years of electrical experience and who shall have continuously resided in the city for at least 5 years immediately prior to his or her appointment. He or she and his or her assistants shall be required to give surety bonds in the sum of $1,000, which shall be paid by the city.
(Prior Code, § 151.10) (Ord. 3351, passed 11-9-1961)
Statutory reference:
   This section has been modified by I.C. 5-4-1-18 (c)(2) which requires a bond of at least $30,000