§ 20-408  INSPECTION.
   All vehicles governed by the provisions of this article, shall be made available to and inspected prior to initial operation of the permittee’s business and annually thereafter by the City Manager or his or her designee to ensure compliance with the provisions of this article and any other applicable federal, state or local law.  Each vehicle shall have a separate and unique identification number permanently affixed thereto which is plainly visible at all times to aid in the inspection process.  There is hereby established an annual inspection fee of $5 per vehicle to be paid to the city prior to the actual inspection of each vehicle.  In addition to the initial, annual and annual renewal inspections, each vehicle is subject to physical inspection at any and all reasonable times by the City Manager or his or her designee, law enforcement officers, peace officers or the Code Enforcement Officer, in order to ensure compliance with all of the provisions of this article at all times and for which no fee shall be charged.
(Ord. 2993, passed 9-6-94)