§ 4-327  EXEMPTIONS.
   Nothing herein shall apply to:
   (A)   Any religious organization, association, society or private club; a religious nonprofit organization, operated, supervised or controlled by or in conjunction with a religious organization, association or society from limiting the sale or rental of dwelling units owned and operated for other than a commercial purpose;
   (B) Any single-family house sold or rented by an owner, provided that the private individual owner does not own more than three single-family houses and was not the most recent resident of the house prior to the sale with the exception granted to one sale within a 24-month period; provided further that the owner does not own or retain, in his or her behalf, title to a portion of the proceeds from the sale or rental of more than three the single-family houses at any one time; provided further, that the sale or rental of the single-family house shall be excepted if the house is sold or rented without the use in any manner of a sale or rental facilities or employee thereof;
   (C) Any dwellings containing living quarters occupied or intended to be occupied by no more than four families living independent of each other and the owner actually occupies one living quarter as his or her residence.
(`90 Code, § 4-167)  (Ord. 2638, passed - -)