(A)   There is hereby established in the city a Historic Preservation Commission, which shall be referred to hereinafter as the Commission.
   (B)   The Commission shall consist of seven appointed members. When possible, the members shall include persons with training or experience in a preservation-related profession. Any vacancy, whether from expiration of term, resignation, or removal shall be filled as follows: Members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Available positions shall be advertised in the newspaper, and interested citizens shall be given the opportunity to complete an application. Appointments shall be made from the list of applicants available at the time of the appointment. Where such member is required to have special qualifications, such vacancy shall be filled in the manner herein prescribed with a person having such qualifications. Appointed members of the Commission shall be comprised as follows:
      (1)   Two members of the County Historical Society;
      (2)   One member of the Municipal Planning Commission;
      (3)   Two persons having special knowledge or background of the history and architecture of the city; and
      (4)   Two persons who own property that is designated as a landmark or a landmark site or located within a historic district as defined herein.
   (C)   City Council shall appoint one of its members to serve as an ex-officio member of the Commission.
   (D)   Members of the Commission appointed under division(B)(3) need not be residents of the city although preference will be given to those residing in the city.
   (E)   All members shall serve without compensation.
   (F)   The appointment of members to the Historic Preservation Commission shall be for three years.
   (G)   The Commission shall elect a chair and a vice-chair during the first meeting in January each year.
   (H)   A vacancy shall be deemed to exist when a Commission member dies, resigns, fails to attend three consecutive or four cumulative meetings in one year, is convicted of a felony or is otherwise legally disqualified, or upon the expiration of the member’s term. Council members may also remove Commission members in accordance with § 2-21 of the City Charter.
   (I)   The Commission shall have the authority to perform all of the duties hereinafter enumerated and provided in this article.
(Ord. 3075, passed 3-20-01)