(A)   (1)   Parks shall be of three types:
         (a)   Mobile home parks;
         (b)   Recreational vehicle parks; and
         (c)   Mixed parks.
      (2)   No recreational vehicle shall be located in a mobile home park and used for occupancy. In a mixed park, separate areas shall be reserved for mobile homes and for recreational vehicles.  No vehicle of one type shall be allowed in the sector defined for another.
   (B)   All parks shall be located on a well-drained site, properly graded to insure rapid drainage and freedom from stagnant pools of water.  Drainage shall not endanger any water supply.
   (C)   The minimum area of any park shall be two acres.  However, parks in existence on the effective date of this article may continue to operate with less than two acres, but, if the park is to be expanded, it must at that time have a minimum area of two acres.  The Board of Adjustment shall have authority for a good cause to authorize parks of not less than one-half acre.
   (D)   Intensity of development shall be limited to no more than 12 mobile homes per gross acre for a mobile home park and no more than 30 feet wide where pads are closest to driveways.  Recreational vehicle spaces shall be at least 25 feet wide where pads are located closest to the driveways.
   (E)   Every space shall be clearly defined.  Mobile homes and recreational vehicles shall be parked in the spaces that at the nearest point they shall be ten feet from the service road, five feet from the rear lot line, and at least 15 feet from any other mobile home or recreational vehicle.
   (F)   It shall be unlawful to locate a mobile home or recreational vehicle less than 15 feet from any public street or highway right-of-way or so that any part of the unit will obstruct any roadway or walkway of the park.
   (G)   It shall be lawful to permit a mobile home to occupy a recreational vehicle space, a recreational vehicle to occupy a mobile home space.
   (H)   All spaces shall abut upon a sealed-surface driveway of not less than 20 feet in width if on-street parking is prohibited, and 26 feet in width if on-street parking is permitted on one side of the street only. Driveways must have unobstructed access to a public street or highway.
   (I)   (1)   In mobile home parks or recreational parks existing at the effective date of this article, parking on or adjacent to the street within the park is permissible so long as it does not obstruct free movements of traffic.  Whether or not a safety hazard exists is a question to be determined by the Metropolitan Planning and Zoning Commission with final appeal to the City Council.  If a safety hazard does in fact exist, the mobile home park and recreational vehicle park concerned will be required to comply with division (I)(2) below.
      (2)   In new mobile home parks, at least two clearly defined parking spaces will be provided for each mobile home space either on or adjacent to the mobile home space.  In new recreational vehicle parks at least one space will be provided for each space.  This is included in the 25-foot wide space.
   (J)   All driveways and walkways within a park shall be sealed-surface.
   (K)   In the city limits area, new mobile home parks should abut, and have their major means of ingress and egress on, at least a secondary thoroughfare.  Recreational vehicle parks and mixed parks in the city limits area should abut and have their major means of ingress and egress on at least a primary thoroughfare.
(`90 Code, § 4-50)  (Am. Ord. 2810, passed 4-21-87)