(A)   No nonresidential mobile trailer shall be permitted in the city unless a license for its operation is issued by the Inspection Officer.  The license shall specify the permitted use of the nonresidential mobile trailer, the location of the operation and the termination date of the permit.  No license shall be issued for use which would violate any city, state or federal ordinance, law or regulation.
   (B)   A quarterly fee as set out in the fee schedule at the end of this code of ordinances shall be charged for each nonresidential mobile trailer license, which shall expire on January 31, April 30, July 31 or October 31, each year, and be renewable on the first day of each succeeding quarter year thereafter.
   (C)   Operation of nonresidential trailers by contractors on construction projects for which building permits have been issued or which are otherwise approved by government units is permitted during the terms of the construction project without issuance of a license.
   (D)   This section is not be construed as permitting or authorizing the permanent location or any nonresidential mobile trailer in the city.
(`90 Code, § 4-49)