(A)   Special event defined.  Special event means an organized activity which makes a significant contribution to the cultural, economic, or social welfare of the city which is to occur upon private property. Events occurring upon private property not under the control of the city may occur without application for the special event permit provided none of the event flows onto or into public property under the jurisdiction of the city and is consented to by the public entity in charge of the property.
   (B)   Sale or distribution of services or goods on public property.  Notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter, the Chief of Police may issue a special event permit to enable the holder to sell or distribute services or goods on public property during special events.
   (C)   Issued for particular time and location.  A special event permit shall be required for each event. The time and location for which the permit is valid shall be shown on the permit.
   (D)   Application. An applicant for a special event permit shall file with the Chief of Police a written application upon a form provided for that purpose.
   (E)   Fee.   An applicant for, or the holder of, a special event permit shall pay a fee as provided for in § 9.00 of the Fee Schedule found in Appendix 1 of this Code for the permit, which fee shall be a rental for the use of public property.
   (F)   Investigation.  After inspection or investigation, the Chief of Police shall approve or deny an application for a special event permit. If such application is approved, the Chief of Police shall issue a special event permit which shall state on its face the name of the person to whom it is granted and the expiration date. The Chief of Police shall designate on such permit the location at which the special event is permitted.
   (G)   Revocation.  The holder of a special event permit who fails to comply with the ordinances of the city or who violates any laws, ordinances, or regulations of the city that directly relate to the duties and responsibilities of the permitted sales or solicitations shall have the special event permit immediately revoked and such holder shall immediately return said special event permit to the Chief of Police.
   (H)   Compliance with chapter.  Except for the permitting requirements, the applicant for a special event permit and/or the holder of a special event permit shall comply with all of the sections of this chapter and ordinances of the city.
(Ord. 04-007, passed 5-11-04; Am. Ord. O-2005-007, passed 10-25-05; Am. Ord. O-2009-006, passed 2-24-09)