§ 112.14  BOND REQUIRED.
   (A)   The application for a peddler permit to sell tangible goods or merchandise shall include with the application a bond in the penal sum of $5,000, signed by the applicant and by some surety company authorized to do business in this state, conditioned for the final delivery of goods, wares, merchandise or services in accordance with the terms of any order obtained prior to delivery and also conditioned to indemnify any and all purchasers or customers for any and all defects in material or workmanship that may exist in the article sold by the principal of such bond, at the time of delivery, and that may be discovered by such purchaser or customer within 30 days after delivery. Such bond shall be for the use and benefit of all persons that may make any purchase or give any order to the principal on such bond, or to an agent or employee of such principal.
   (B)   Peddlers or solicitors selling food products or soliciting services solely shall not be required to have a bond.
   (C)   Mobile food establishments shall present sufficient evidence of vehicle insurance on any vehicle which will travel upon a public roadway.
(‘88 Code, Ch. 4, § 3.06)  (Ord. 338, passed 3-24-92; Am. Ord. 04-007, passed 5-11-04; Am. Ord. O-2005-007, passed 10-25-05)