(A)   Any culvert now in existence which does not comply with the provisions of this section as to size, location, grade or otherwise, shall be made to conform within 60 calendar days of notification in writing to the property owner.  For an initial installation of a culvert, the property owner or developer will be responsible for the cost of the culvert and the fill material with the city providing the labor.  For the repair or replacement of any existing culvert determined to be unserviceable by the Street Superintendent, the city is responsible for the cost of a new culvert, fill material and labor.  Property owners shall be responsible for all associated costs for asphalt, concrete, landscaping, or other costs.  The Street Superintendent shall have the authority to authorize certain driveways and/or culverts to be constructed by approved private contractors when circumstances warrant.
   (B)   The term “culvert” shall include any type of drainage structure and any type of construction materials.  All culverts shall have a bottom of the same type and material as the top and sides.  Acceptable materials include reinforced concrete and Class SDR 18 PVC or better.  If more than one piece of culvert pipe is required, a water tight connection will be required where the pipe sections join.
   (C)   No culvert shall be installed above a utility ditch, utility line or underground cable television line.
   (D)   All street bores must have a minimum of six inches of compacted cover, or more as required by the Street Superintendent.
   (E)   No private driveway culvert may be longer than 80% of the lot width, or a maximum of 40 feet.  A sufficient distance, as determined by the Street Superintendent, must be provided for at each end of the culvert for cleaning and sufficient drainage.
   (F)   All driveways must be designed to force the flow of water away from the street and into the proper drainage system.
   (G)   No sewer or water valves of any kind will be so placed in the flow line of a drainage ditch so as to inhibit required maintenance.
   (H)   Any street or driveway construction within the corporate limits of the city must be barricaded in accordance with TxDot standards.
   (I)   Any cut of a city street surface shall be temporarily patched according to city standards and specifications.  Final repair of such street cuts shall be done by city work crews.  The cost of final repairs of street cuts made necessary by other than city crews shall be borne by the person, corporation or utility requiring the cut.
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   Drainage design standards, see § 155.40