(A)   Appointment.  There is hereby created the office of Health Authority of the city who shall be appointed by the City Council.  The Health Authority, after appointment, shall take and subscribe to the official oath, and shall file a copy of such oath and a copy of his appointment with the State Board of Health.
(`88 Code, Ch. 8, § 13.01)
   (B)   Qualifications.  The Health Authority shall be a competent physician, legally qualified to practice medicine in the state and shall have a reputable professional standing and be a resident of Henderson County.
(`88 Code, Ch. 8, § 13.02)
   (C)   Duties generally.  The Health Authority shall be fully responsible to the City Council in any matters affecting the public health and the prevention and containment of contagious diseases.  He shall make reports to the State Board of Health as required by state law and discharge and perform his duties under the direction, rules, regulations, and requirements of the State Board of Health.
(`88 Code, Ch. 8, § 13.03)
   (D)   Power to quarantine.  The Health Authority shall have charge of and superintend the administration of all matters pertaining to quarantine within the city with full authority to declare and enforce quarantine as provided in this section and the sanitary regulations of the state.
(`88 Code, Ch. 8, § 13.05)
(Ord. 260, passed 1-10-89; Am. Ord. 99-014, passed 8-10-99)
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