The Utility is directed to prepare a list of all lots and parcels within the City. The Utility shall report, to the City Administrator, any applications of the provisions of Sections 939.15 through 939.17, which the Utility considers unjust or inequitable, and the matter shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of Section 939.20.
   (a)   All properties having impervious area within the City of Groveport will be assigned an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) or a whole multiple thereof, with all properties having impervious area receiving at least one (1) ERU.
   (b)   Class R Properties will be assigned one ERU. A flat rate will apply to all Single- Family and two-family duplex properties.
   (c)   Class C Properties will be assigned an ERU whole multiple based upon the properties individual measured impervious area (in square feet) divided by 2760 square feet (1 ERU). This division will be calculated to the first decimal place and rounded to the nearest while ERU according to mathematical convention.
   (d)   The charge as prescribed in the rate schedule is as follows: $2.00 per month per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) based on twelve (12) months per year.
      (Ord. 12-022. Passed 5-29-12.)