The following definitions are applicable specifically to Chapters 921 and 925 of the City Ordinances:
   (a)   "Administrator" means the Administrator of Groveport or his authorized agent. Specific reference is made herein to the Contract executed between the City of Groveport and the City of Columbus for sewer service and the specific authorities vested therein to the Director of Public Service of the City of Columbus. Authorized Agent shall include the Director of Public Service of the City of Columbus.
   (b)   "Building sewer" means that part of the sanitary sewer system which connects the plumbing of the house or building to a common or public sewer. The building sewer begins three feet from the foundation wall and shall comply with the requirements of Section 921.04(b).
   (c)   "City" means the City of Groveport, the Administrator or his authorized agent.
   (d)   “Clean waste waters" means those liquid wastes discharged from industrial plants and from commercial or public buildings which, upon analysis, are found to be of such character as to have no harmful polluting effect upon any stream or other body of water into which they may discharge either directly or indirectly.
   (e)   "Condensing water" means water used in closed systems for condensers of refrigeration and air conditioning units. Such water shall not be discharged into sanitary sewers.
   (f)   "Domestic sewage or sanitary sewage" means sewage derived principally from dwellings, business buildings, institutions and the like, which originates within the buildings, including the wastes from kitchens, water closets, lavatories, bathrooms, showers and laundries.
   (g)   "Foundation drains" means subsurface drains laid around the foundation of a building, either within or outside of the building foundation for the purpose of carrying ground or subsurface water to some point of disposal.
   (h)   "Industrial sewage" means the liquid wastes from industrial processes as distinct from domestic sewage.
   (i)   "Sanitary sewers" means a pipe or conduit designed for the purpose of carrying domestic sewage and industrial sewage from the point of origin to a sewage treatment or disposal works or to a place of disposal but which is not intended to carry storm, surface, ground or subsurface waters.
   (j)   "Sewage" means the liquid or water carried wastes from residences, business buildings and institutions, together with those from industrial establishments and with such ground water, surface water and storm water which may be present.
   (k)   "Sewerage system" means all of the facilities for collecting, pumping, treating and disposing of sanitary sewage.
      (Ord. 16-022. Passed 5-23-16.)