(a)   Scope. The provisions of this chapter shall govern the construction, installation, operation, maintenance, alteration and repair hereafter, of all heating plants and systems, heat-generating equipment, fuel-burning equipment, steam-generating equipment, ventilating and air conditioning plants and systems in or for all buildings within the City. Portable heating appliances shall also be governed by specific regulations of the Building Inspector, except that gas pressure regulators are deemed unnecessary for the safe operation of portable heating appliances and shall not be required to be installed as a part of the equipment for the operation of portable heating appliances.
   (b)   Inspector. As used in this chapter, "Inspector" means the Building Inspector or any of his deputies duly authorized to have supervision of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.
   (c)   References. Whenever in this chapter references are made to manuals, recorded codes or other recognized codes or authorities, and the authority states that certain practices are recommended or suggested, these recommended or suggested practices shall be stipulated practices under this chapter.
   (d)   Documents. Air Conditioning, see Chapter 1341; Electricity, see Chapter 1351.
   (e)   Portable Heating Appliances. As used in this chapter, "portable heating appliance" means a portable, self-contained, fuel-fired device, having a maximum input capacity of 85,000 BTU/hr., for heating the surrounding air in an enclosed space for permanent occupancy. Temporary heaters used for construction are exempted from this chapter. Fuel-fired, domestic water heaters are considered a portable heating appliance.
   (f)   Exceptions. Less than 5,000 BTU/hr. auxiliary gas, oil and electric self-contained heating units are exempted from the requirements of this chapter.
(Ord. C67-66. Passed 12-5-66.)
   (g)   Air Conditioners. Compressor units installed on the exterior of the structure and/or dwelling shall be located on the roof of or to the rear of structures or dwellings unless the unit is located no closer than twenty feet to any adjoining living portion of any residence.
   (h)   Exception. The twenty foot distance may be less by mutual agreement for side lot installation between adjoining property owners in writing and submitted with the application for a permit and approved by the Building Inspector.
(Ord. C8-85. Passed 2-18-85.)
   (i)   Screening of Service/Mechanical Equipment.  All roof mounted service/mechanical equipment shall comply with Section 1137.16.  Placement of all other service/mechanical equipment shall comply with Section 1136.08 of the Codified Ordinances of Grove City, Ohio.  Approval shall be determined by the Building Inspector.
(Ord. C95-98. Passed 12-21-98; Ord. C29-00. Passed 5-1-00.)