Service structures, including, but not limited to, propane tanks, trash dumpsters, electrical transformers, air conditioners/cooling towers, heat pumps, utility vaults which extend above grade, and other equipment or elements providing service to a building or site, are to be screened in all zoning districts. A continuous 100% opaque landscape hedge, solid fence, wall, or earthen mound is required to enclose any service structure on all exposed sides. If such structure is frequently moved (i.e.: trash dumpster) a gate or gates shall be permitted on one side.  Said gate(s) shall be kept closed to provide full 4-sided screening.  Screening shall be one foot (1'- 0") higher than service structure but shall not be required to exceed 8'- 0" in height (6'- 0" height for walls and fences.). If walls or fences are used, supplemental landscaping will be required. Provide 36" height minimum plantings at 5'- 0" maximum spacing around the enclosed portion of the perimeter screen.  Curbing and/or bollards are to be installed around any trash disposal or waste collection unit a minimum of 2'- 0" within the screening material to prevent damage to the screening when the container is moved or emptied.  Electric and gas service shut-off locations shall be landscaped on the sides only to permit quick identification and access by emergency personnel.
(Ord. C11-96. Passed 2-20-96; Ord. C17-99. Passed 7-6-99; Ord. C86-06. Passed 12-18-06.)