(a)   A certificate of appropriateness is required from the Planning Commission prior to any new construction, remodeling, reconstruction or demolition, unless otherwise provided in subsection (c) hereof.  (Ord. C49-10.  Passed 8-16-10.)
   In order to be heard by the Planning Commission, a fee of $50, payable to the City for deposit in the General Fund, shall accompany the application or petition.  This fee is for the purpose of defraying the costs of plan review, legal, legislation, notices, official publications required by the City and any other incurred costs and shall not be refundable even if the application is disapproved by the Planning Commission or Council.
   (b)   A certificate of appropriateness is required prior to the erection of any sign which requires a permit pursuant to Section 1138.22 of the Codified Ordinances. (Ord. C13-15. Passed 3-2-15.)
   (c)   Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the ordinary maintenance or repair of any property within the historical area, provided such work is limited to existing structures, and does not involve new construction and/or additions to structures.  The Chief Building and Zoning Official shall determine whether the proposed changes are “significant” based upon the impact the changes will have on the property and its surrounding area and the standards set forth in this chapter.  If the Chief Building and Zoning Official determines that the proposed changes are not “significant,” he may issue a Certificate of Appropriateness. Nor shall anything in this chapter be construed to prevent any change, including the construction, reconstruction, alteration or demolition of any feature which in the view of the Building Inspector is required for the public safety because of an unsafe, insecure or dangerous condition. 
(Ord. C49-10.  Passed 8-16-10.)
   (d)   Applications for a certificate of appropriateness shall be filed with the Building Inspector at least fifteen days before a meeting of the Commission. The applicant shall submit with his application, drawings, materials and color samples, sketches and other information that indicate or identify the proposed exterior.
   (e)   The Commission shall review and approve, approve with modification, or disapprove such applications and forward its recommendation to Council. Upon approval, or approval with modifications by Council, the Building Inspector shall issue a certificate of appropriateness to the applicant within fifteen days.
(Ord. C70-86. Passed 10-20-86; Ord. C49-01.  Passed 8-6-01.)