All required plant material, grass, as well as nonliving structural elements, shall be replaced when necessary and maintained in a good and healthy condition based upon the judgment of the Service Director, his designee or the Urban Forester.
(Ord. C58-97. Passed 11-17-97.)
   (a)   Replacement. Dead plant material shall be replaced in accordance with the specifications detailed herein and within a time period appropriate to the growing season of the species in question, not exceeding the calendar year.
   (b)   Protection. All required landscape areas shall be protected from unpermitted vehicular encroachment by the use of wheel stops, curbing or other suitable methods.
   (c)   Use. No required landscape area shall be used for parking, except for encroachments as provided herein, accessory structures, garbage or trash collection or any other functional use contrary to the intent and purpose of this chapter.
(Ord. C11-96. Passed 2-20-96.)