1136.02   PURPOSES.
   The purposes of this chapter are to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare by fully utilizing the benefits of landscaping in new development to ensure that the local stock of native trees is replenished; to contribute to the process of air purification, oxygen regeneration, ground water recharge and storm water run-off retardation, while at the same time aiding in noise, glare and heat abatement; to buffer uncomplimentary and often incompatible land uses by providing a transitional interface; to assist in controlling traffic to and from, as well as within, off-street parking facilities by limiting the internal movement of vehicles and pedestrians to designated traffic configurations; to relieve the blighted appearance of parking lots; to lessen the impact of structures, and to otherwise facilitate the creation of a pleasant environment.
(Ord. C6-86. Passed 3-3-86; C58-97. Passed 11-17-97.)