13.02.080  Disputed bills.
   When a customer and the city fail to agree on a bill for electric service and the disputed bill is not paid by the 20th day after the city mails the bill, the city will notify the customer in writing that:
   A.   In lieu of paying the disputed bill, he may deposit with the Finance Department the amount claimed by the city to be due.
   B.   Checks or other forms of remittance acceptable to the city for such deposit should be made payable to the city.
   C.   Upon receipt of the deposit the Finance Department will notify the City Administrator of the disputed bill. The City Administrator will review the disputed bill and make a determination of the disputed amounts.
   D.   Service will not be discontinued for nonpayment of the disputed bill when deposit has been made with the city pending the outcome of the review.
   E.   Failure of the customer to make such deposit within 20 days after the date upon which notice (when the original monthly bill is presented) was given will warrant discontinuance of his service without further notice.
   F.   If before completion of the City Administrator's review, additional bills become due which the customer wishes to dispute, he shall also deposit with the city Finance Department the additional amounts claimed by the city to be due for such bills before they become past due and that failure to do so will warrant discontinuance of this service as provided by this chapter. 
(Ord. 785-2009, § 7 (part), 2009)