13.02.030  Return of deposits.
   A.   When the customer has received continuous service and has paid his utility bills in a timely manner for a period of 36 consecutive months from the inception of services or from the last date of delinquency, the deposit will be returned after that 36-month period of time. No interest will be paid on deposits.
   B.   When a deposit has been collected from a consumer as a result of his service being discontinued for nonpayment of his utility account, said deposit shall be retained by the city until such time as the city, at its discretion, is convinced that said consumer has established a satisfactory credit status with the city, but no sooner than 36 months following the initial date of payment of the full deposit.
   C.   When a consumer who has such a deposit with the city orders his service discontinued, the deposit will be returned unless there are charges due the city for utility services.  In such case, the deposit will be applied to the charges and the excess portion of the deposit, if any, will be returned to the customer. 
(Ord. 785-2009, § 7 (part), 2009)