1.09.180  Court review.
   A.   After receipt of the Administrative Hearing Officer's decision, the contestant may file an appeal with the City Clerk for review. The request for review shall be submitted on a form prescribed by the city and must be filed within twenty (20) days after the date of service of the final decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer. The appeal shall state the reasons for the appeal of the Administrative Hearing Officer's findings or decision.  If no timely appeal is taken, the decision of the Hearing Officer shall be final and conclusive.
   B.   The City Council shall conduct a hearing at which the administrative file shall be received in evidence, and additional evidence as may be presented by appellant and respondent shall be considered.
   C.   A copy of the notice of code violation(s) and imposition of penalty shall be entered into evidence as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein.
   D.   The decision of the City Council may be subject to court review, pursuant to Government Code Section 53069.4.  Failure to timely pursue an action under Government Code Section 53069.4 shall result in the decision of the City Council being final and conclusive.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)