1.09.060  Contents of administrative citation.
   The administrative citation shall have at its top, printed in bold capital letters, the words "CITY OF GRIDLEY NOTICE OF VIOLATION", the second line shall state "ADMINISTRATIVE CITATION" and the body of the citation shall include the following:
   A.   The date and approximate time of the violation(s), the name and address of the violator, the code section(s) violated and description, and the location of the violation;
   B.   The amount of civil penalty imposed for the violation(s) and the additional penalties for late payment;
   C.   An explanation of the applicable time limits, the penalty payment procedure, the place of payment, and the consequences of failure to pay an administrative penalty;
   D.   The rights of appeal;
   E.   The signature of the violator;
   F.   The signature of the Enforcement Officer, and the date the citation was issued.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)