5.50.180  Hearing by permit authority for revocation or suspension.
   A.   The permit authority, before revoking or suspending any permit, shall give the permittee at least ten days written notice of the alleged grounds for revocation or suspension and shall conduct a hearing in the matter of whether the permit shall be revoked or suspended.  The hearing shall be conducted at least ten days from the date of written notice.
   B.   The permit authority shall consider all evidence at the hearing.  The hearing may, after being commenced within the time specified pursuant to subsection (A) of this section, be continued for good cause by the permit authority from time to time.  The permit authority shall, at the conclusion of the hearing, make findings of fact based upon the evidence submitted and shall decide whether or not the permit shall be revoked or suspended.
   C.   The permit authority’s written notice of decision shall be served on the permittee, within 30 days of the conclusion of the hearing, in the manner provided in Section 5.50.190 of this code, and in the case of revocation or suspension of the Notice of Decision shall indicate the appeal procedures as set forth hereinafter. 
(Ord. 728, 2004).