5.50.090  Massage and/or bodywork office or establishment application - Inspection.
   A.   Within 30 days after an applicant for an owner permit for a massage and/or bodywork office or establishment has filed a completed application, the inspector shall inspect the proposed place of business to determine whether it is sanitary and otherwise conforms to the requirements of Section 5.50.100 as qualified by Section 5.50.110.  Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector shall, within five days, inform the permit authority in writing of its findings of the inspection.
   B.   Where, due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, the inspector is unable to perform the required inspection within the time set forth in this section, an applicant who has met all other applicable requirements to obtain an owner permit may receive a conditional permit to operate pending inspection and approval of the premises by the inspector.  A conditional permit shall be valid for no more than 60 days, but may be extended at the discretion of the permit authority.  An owner permit issued after the approval shall be valid only until the date that is one year from the issuance of the conditional permit. 
(Ord. 728, 2004).