1.09.050  Procedures of issuance of administrative citations.
   A.   After a fifteen (15) day written warning for a code violation, and any attempts at gaining voluntary compliance have failed, the designated Enforcement Officer may issue an administrative citation to the violator or property owner for any violation of this code, in the manner prescribed in this chapter. The administrative citation shall be issued on a form prescribed by the City Administrator.
   B.   The Enforcement Officer shall identify the responsible party. Once the person responsible for the violation is identified, the Enforcement Officer may obtain the signature of that person on the administrative citation for the purpose of establishing personal service of the citation. The failure to obtain the signature of the responsible party on the administrative citation shall in no way affect the validity of the citation and proceedings taken thereunder.
   C.   If the Enforcement Officer is unable to locate the responsible party, or the responsible party refuses or otherwise fails to sign the administrative citation, the administrative citation shall be served on the responsible party as follows:
      1.   Personal delivery of the administrative citation without the violator's signature.
      2.   A copy of the administrative citation shall be mailed to the responsible party by first class U.S. mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the responsible party at his or her last known mailing address, together with a copy of a declaration of service signed under penalty of perjury by the person mailing such documents.
      3.   The declaration of service shall show the date and manner of service by mail and shall recite the name and address of the person to whom it is addressed.
      4.   When so mailed as set forth above, the administrative citation shall be deemed received on the date it is deposited in the U.S. mail. The failure of any responsible party to receive an administrative citation that is mailed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall not affect the validity of any proceeding taken under this chapter.
(Ord. 791-2010 (part), 2010)